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Welcome to the Used Mustangs For Sale - Mustang Classifieds. This site is designed to give all Mustang owners and lovers a simple and efficient place to buy and sell classic and late model Mustangs. Buyers can quickly locate the car they are looking for by browsing through the categories broken down by Mustang generation. Sellers have a fast and easy way to enter their ads and attach photos to help sell their Mustang.


All ads for Mustangs For Sale are only $9.95 until sold. You can include up to 10 photos with your ad to help sell your Mustang fast. Get the best exposure for your Mustang for sale by having it featured on front page of site for only $10 more! Ad will be featured for 30 days.
All ads for Mustang Parts For Sale are only $2.95. Renewal is free for all ads.

How Long Will My Ad Run?

All ads will run until sold or for 120 days from posting date. You will be notified by e-mail 14 days and 7 days before your ad is about to expire. You can come back to renew your ad for as long as you like for no charge until your car is sold. If you do not renew your ad it will automatically expire and will be deleted. Please remove your ad once your Mustang has sold. Please help to keep this site up to date. Featured ads and ad weight are for 30 days.


It is free to renew your ad indefinitely. All ads are set to expire after 120 days to clear system of old Mustangs that are no longer available. You will be notified by e-mail 14 days and 7 days before to warn you that your ad is about to expire. You can come back to renew your ad for as long as you like for no charge. If you do not renew your ad it will automatically expire and will be deleted. Sorry but if your ad was deleted because it expired we can not reinstate your ad for free.


You will need to register to use some of the features of this web site. You do not need to register to view ads or to reply to ads. Registration is free. As a registered user, you may use the following features of our classifieds.
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The "My Garage" feature of our system allows you to add specific Mustang ads you choose to a "personal page" which may be retrieved in the future. It is useful when you are attempting to "compare" several ads posted to the system.


Post classified ads to our system. Main categories are broken down by Mustang generation. In each main categories there are sub-categories for each year.


Select My Account to manage your personal profile information, view or delete vehicles you have added to your garage and modify or delete your ads.


Absolutely. You can log in with your e-mail address and password to make any changes to your ad or your contact information whenever you want.


Yes. You can upload 10 photos of your Mustang after you place your ad. The image type must be in the .jpg format, have a file size no larger than 50000 bytes, and have a width no greater than 640 pixels and a height no greater than 480 pixels.

Ads with photos get viewed over twice as often as ads without photos so please try to provide pictures of your Mustang.

If you have any problems uploading your photos you can e-mail them by replying to your ad confirmation e-mail, including your ad number, and someone will post them for you at no charge. Contact us if you have problems.


If you do not have digitized photos of your Mustang for sale we can scan them for you for no charge. Please send your photo to:

River Graphics
P.O. Box 8974
Cranston, RI 02920

Please include your ad number so we will know where to post the picture. If you would like your photo sent back to you, please also send a self addressed, stamped envelope.


Buyers will contact you through the information that you submit (phone number, e-mail) when you register. uses a Privacy Mail feature which protects your e-mail address. Instead of displaying your e-mail address in the ad, a "Reply to Ad" link is displayed. The person replying to the ad then sees a form and clicks on a submit button to send their reply to you.


When you sell your Mustang you can delete or modify your ad at anytime by logging in using your e-mail address and password.

If your question has not been answered here please Contact Us.

How to Sell My Mustang Online

Selling your Mustang online opens your sale to a wide range of potential customers who may not have seen your car listed otherwise. Consider the cost of shipping and placing sale listings before you decide that you're going to sell your vehicle online. Be sure that you're only using reputable shipping services that offer some type of insurance on your vehicle, in the event that it is damaged in transit. Once you've made the sale, you'll have to ship your Mustang or arrange for pickup.


1. Find out the current value of your car by consulting the Kelley Blue Book, or Nada Guides. Find the year of your Mustang and determine the condition to know how much it is worth. Potential customers will likely also look at theKelley Blue Book, so set a fair price. If you are unrealistic in the price of your Mustang, be prepared to keep it. The internet has made everyone an expert on buying add selling cars since the prices are so easily researchable. If your serious about selling your Mustang be serious when setting the price.

2. Take multiple pictures of the interior, exterior and engine of the Mustang. Photograph the vehicle identification number on the inside of the driver's-side door. Show the dashboard, seats, floorboards, trunk and any scratches or dings. It's important to be thorough when taking pictures, since prospective buyers won't be able to examine the car themselves before committing to the sale.

3. Scan any documentation you have on the car into a PDF file. Include mechanics' bills, inspections and any warranty information. You can send this via email to interested clients.

4. Create a listing on an online automobile selling site like Upload the photographs you took with the listing and explain that you can send additional documentation of repairs to interested parties.

5. Determine what methods of payment and shipping you will offer. You can accept check, credit card or even cash if the pickup is local. You don't have to agree to ship the car. You can request that only buyers willing to pick it up make a bid on your Mustang.

Mustang Buyer’s Guide

When you intend to buy a used Mustang, its important to know what to look for and what to look out for. In the beginning, the Mustang was offered by Ford with an assortment of choices. A selective customer could equip his automobile as anything from a fashionable, well assembled car to an agile, high-octane race driver. Nowadays the customer has a selection of everything from an antique Mustang coupe that can act as a second car to a rare, and collectable ‘68 Cobra Jet. Which Mustang you choose will depend upon your budget and intended use.

The early Mustangs are a good choice for a first collector car. The cars are comfortable to drive and also to upkeep. A 40 year old car will always have need for maintenance and occasional repairs. Ford employed the same engine (block) as well as other components from the car for a long time in many different models.

When considering a purchase the buyer should be aware of the following:

1. Mechanical Condition: are all major components i.e. transmission, drive-train, engine,brakes etc serviceable? A Mustang with components needing work should not automatically be dismissed, but repair cost should be considered with regard to the agreed asking price.

2. Originality: has the vehicle been unprofessionally modified in such a manner that adversely effects performance or handling? Does the interior trim and exterior color match 1960’s factory combinations?

3. Bodywork and Rust: has the car been in a major accident to an extent where main body components for example undercarriage and torque boxes have been repaired incorrectly? What is the quality of the fenders, door panels, quarter panels etc. ? Is there considerable rust on the car obscured by paint?

Even though these cars are up to 40 years old and some amount of body repair or rust can be expected, keep away from Mustangs that have had extensive, poorly made repairs. Bear all this in mind when searching for and purchasing your “pony car” online.
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